About us

Event digital experts

Designed by event experts, Numevent allies the professionalism and the expertise of an event agency. Our solution makes your events becoming interactive thanks to digital solutions.

By your side

  • We imagine and design your digital event by your side
  • We advise you on the best choices in accordance with your objectives
  • We guide you all along your event
  • We discuss together after your event


Our ambition

  • Design an unique and an original event
  • Add value to your image close to your colleagues, partners, sponsors, clients,…
  • Arouse the interest of your participants
  • Create original and interactive companies events
  • Guide your company in its digital transformation

The founder, Géraldine Auret

Numevent événementiel digital application mobile événementielle

In 2014, GA creates an event solution : Numevent. At first, the founder wanted to design a different solution from her competitors, and a solution which would follow the digital transformation age.

The unique selling proposition of Numevent is to provide to its clients a solution which is able to make your events interactive and to extend the event’s time and space.


Nowadays, companies want to go beyond the concept of “classic” events and move towards digital events in order to establish a kind of differentiation of communication with their customers, their collaborators, their ecosystem, by displaying their modernity, their innovative nature, by integrating digital solutions to their events. Thus, the attendees  live an original and an unique experience. They become stakeholders and not just simple participants. G.Auret