application de gestion d événements


Digital at the service of event

Provide the best digital experience to your participants

during your professional events thanks to Numevent

The event mobile app Numevent, is an innovating digital solution appropriate for all of your professional events.

Your attendees have an accees to all of the useful information linked to the event on their smartphones, and are able to interact thanks to votes, live feed,… They become stakeholders of the event !

Our 5 foundations for an easier management of your digital event

  • Customization :an event mobile app in accordance with your corporate identity guide and which is customizable to the white-label solution (your app on stores Ios and Android).
  • Information : all of the information are centralized on only one digital vehicle (program, articles, place, speakers,…).
  • Engagement :an enriched experience and a committed community about your event thanks to Numevent
  • Monetization :designed as an advertising network, discover how our clients get a complementary source of revenue with our event management solution
  • Performance :a performance analysis tool which is approachable and intuitive for everyone. Have you dreamt of it ? Numevent has designed it.

Design your customized event

Numevent digitizes all your events