On the last January 26th, the 10 th occasion of the course guidance night, organized by Lyon CCI, took place.

A privileged night which allows young people to learn more about their future jobs.

Nuit de l'Orientation

The theme of this event was « Digital technology, or how is digital transforming the business environment up to now ? ». Thus, the Lyon CCI and com’Justine agency have chosen to digitize this 10th occasion by choosing the Numevent app.

Students got all the useful information before and during the event, in order to prepare their course guidance as best as they could (event program, information concerning the different areas : jobs, coaching,…).

The Numevent solution also enabled professionals and students to interact together : opportunity to ask questions, to exchange throughout the conventions,…

After the event, thanks to Numevent, participants had to express their satisfaction concerning this 10th occasion thanks to a survey.




Interview – Régis Legoff – Com’justine agency

– Why did you decide to digitize the event ?

Our customer, the Lyon Chamber of commerce, which organizes this event for 10 years now, wanted to include the digital feature for this 2018 occasion. As our target was young people, the use of an event app was obvious.

– Why did you choose Numevent ?

We just carried out a strategic monitoring on the different event apps avaible on the market. The Numevent app aroused our interest because of its innovation and flexibility qualities.

– Could you describe in 3 words the use of Numevent ?

Easy, Intuitive, Adequate

– How did your participants (exhibitors, visitors, sponsors,…) welcome this event app ?

We want to show our attendees that we’re setting up innovative tools in order to digitize our events. Our objective us to perform and to improve our professionalism and our communication strategy. The Numevent solution is a great tool if you want to professionalize your event and to improve your visibility. The app alowed sponsors and exhibitors to benefit from a greater exposure compared to previous occasions. Concerning visitors, the app allowed them to prepare their visit.

– Why do you suggest your client to digitize their events ?

It seems necessary to evaluate the opportunity to digitize an event by checking that the target is calling for it, and that the positioning of the organizer is compatible with this innovation.

– Do you have a growing demand from your customers ?

We’re not an event agency : Com’Justine is a communication consulting company with 3 expertise fields :

  • communication strategy
  • brand strategy
  • digital strategy

In fact, we notice a growing demand concerning issues related to the digital transition. We strive to provide strategic and operational answers to our clients.

– Is it a criterion of differenciation compared to other agencies for you ?

We bacame aware of the fact that the « classic » communication market was changing. As a result, we’ve suggested our clients to think together about digital strategies.


Don’t forget to watch the video of the course guidance night !