On the last January 31st, the GFK Franceteam – Institute for market research and marketing audit, trusted Numevent to digitize « GFK Day 2018 : new dynamics » at the Trianon in Paris.

Throughout the event, the participants were able to have an access to the event on the Numevent app (on their smartphones).

Journée GFK

In order the reception of 1000 attendees to become free flowing, the check in optimized the registration and gave a modern image from the beginning of the event. On the Numevent app, which is accessible with a specific code, the registered attendees have an accees to useful information : program, map, contacts details, news,…

The attendees could also know more about each convention : information related to them, speakers’ profile pages,… To increase interactivity between speakers and participants, the live feed and the votes/polls functionalities have been activated. Thus, those ones permitted to create a team dynamic and gave the opportunity to participate during the conventions : asking questions, voting, giving an opinion,…

The Attendees/Social Network by Numevent has been activated to create a real « organization chart of photographs » with speakers, exhibitors, participants,… This one enabled to make the networking easier, and to encourage exchanges among the participants.


The Numevent app allowed us to manage our event 

With a satisfaction rate of 71%, our participants enjoyed this dedicated app, especially the invitation and the check in functionnalities.

Magali Saint-Laurent, marketing and communication manager at GFK France