Just like the industrial revolution in the 19th century, the digital transformation brigs reals upheavals in our society.

This digital revolution is now fixed in our daily life.  It will continue to grow and to intensufy in the coming years.

That’s the reason why, CELR chose Numevent to develop its strengths and to increase its innovation.



 Caisse d’Epargne announces the digital revolution on your screens


The CELR EVENTS app designed by Numevent


Within the scope of this digital transformation, the communication department of CELR, wanted to get a mobile app which would be dedicated to internal events.

Numevent provides a cross-functional solution, a complete combination of 12 functionalities, an easy and enjoyable management platform. This cross-functional functionality and the expertise of the event field have quickly caught the interest of CELR communication department.


First test of the dedicated event app for

the digitalization of « Private Sales of Property» – 11/05/2018 Domaine de Verchant

Read the article on Private Sales of Property


Numevent solution has enabled CELRs’ customers to receive a fully-flegded digital invitation in the colors of the private sales of property and to register online. They were also able to have an access to all of the useful information linked to their event.


Digital Check In, one of the feature of the digital vent transformation

On the d-day, the attendees of CELR have been greeted by the hostesses on tablets. It gave a modern and fluidified image !


The support of Numevent doesn’t stop there,

discover the upcoming projects in this video.



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