As part of its activity’s digitalization project, the MHB (handball club of Montpellier) chose the Numevent solution in order to enhance interactivity with its sponsors throughout the 2017/2018 season.

« We had to find a solution to guide the « classic » networking. As the MHB app was successful for sevral seasons, we were looking for a way to make this tool becoming unavoidable for sponsors. To us, it was obvious that networking would be an answer to this dual objective. The connection is an essential component of the sporting partnership, in the same way as the communicaiton vehicles or the notoriety operations. Using a mobile app to allow sponsors to develop their network was obvious to us. When we knew more about Numevent, it was obvious to set up this process of integration with the club’s official app, which already knew a succes », says Marc Hamard, Development director, MHB



Nowadays, sports clubs sponsors want to develop their network and increase their business through their participation in sports clubs partners’ network. Sports clubs have to find a simple and an efficient way to strengthen exhanges, to build loyalty and to create a real interactivity.

The Attendees/Social Network functionality, embed within the clubs’ app, favours the sponsors’ networking, by creating a private « social media », which offers the opportunity to communicate with attendees who interest them.

Thanks to the advertising network, sponsors can embed their logo to maximize their visibility. As for sports clubs, they get a complementary source of revenue through advertising.