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A simple, affordable and flexible offer!

  • Customized Offer
  • Price from 249,00 Tax excl. the event
  • Choose between all the features, only the ones you need
  • Pay only the selected features
  • Without commitment
  • Configure
  • Personalized offer
  • Price from 325,00€ Tax excl. per event
  • Several events in the year, a subscription, a white labelers tax..
  • Do you want a personalized offer ?
  • Contact us at 04 99 51 94 52 !
  • Contact us

*maximum number of participants in total of all events over a period of one year, with a maximum of 1500 participants per event. Beyond that, please contact us to study your needs.

** among the list of available modules – all events of the same subscription will have strictly the same modules