Basic event : your information tool

Basic event : your information tool


Basic event embodies the information part of your event. It includes :

  • The editorial with the logo, the date, the description, the interactive floor plan to reach the event and the organiser’s contact details.
  • Your event’s program with your congresses, conventions, meetings,…
  • The speakers and the exhibitors : each one has a profile page and participants can see all of them in a directory.
  • The news linked to the event before, during and after it
  • The social media included in the event app
  • The push notifications which enable to keep contact with your participants (if registration is activated)


On their smartphone, your participants have an access to all of these information.


Numevent’s benefit : Your event’s data are secured

Numevent provides safety to your event. This one can be :

  • Public that is to say that it will be accessible to everyone with the « code » (name of the event reachable on the event app) of your event.
  • Private (if registration is activated) : your participants will have an access to your event with the « code » that you’d have chosen. Then, they’ll have to add their e-mail adress and their password they chose for the registration. Only registered people will have an access to your event.