Live Feed : live a collaborative event experience !

Live Feed : give the floor to your participants, live a collaborative experience !


During your event and from their smartphone, they can ask questions or comment the speaker’s speech (exhibitor, speaker, director, trainor,…). The comments just like questions are noticeable from the other participants : those are allowed to like or to comment as well from their smartphone.

As an event organiser, you choose a moderator who will check the comments before deciding to display them. The live feed appears directly on the participant’s smartphone and can be projected on a screen in the hall. It creates a stronger collaborative experience !

Your participants become stakeholders of your event !


Numevent’s benefit : optimize your REX

After your event, collect all the live feed data (format .csv) : questions, ideas, opinions, participants’ suggestions,…

An opportunity to better know your audience and to adapt your communication strategy.