Social Network : an event app which favours meetings and business

Social network : increase your meetings and your business through out the event mobile app !


As a real « Ice breaker », the Social Network favours meetings, networking and professional exchanges all along your event.

At the moment of the registration, each participant completes his/her profile (the funtionality « registration » has to be activated) or you are allowed to import a registration list.

With the event app, the participant can refer to the other participants’ profiles and chat with them, in order to know more about who they are and what are their jobs.

Each profile page is customizable with different features linked to the enterprise : name, logo, contact details, activity description,… When it’s an intern event, some features such as duties, leisures,… can be added to favour the meeting between participants.

If your participants want to know more about who is who, who does what,… they have to be registered and the functionality registration has to be activated.


Numevent’s benefit : a social media in keeping with GDPR for your event !

Your data are safe with Numevent, even if your event is public or private.

  • If your event is « public », participants will have an access to all the profile pages of the other participants and will be able to communicate with them thanks to the contact details provided at the moment of the registration.
  • If your event is « private », they’ll have the possibility to exchange among each other through an intern instant messaging.